World’s Oldest Flag Design

Throughout history, countries have used flags and banners as a symbol of nationalistic pride. Whether a flag is flown bravely on the battlefield or proudly atop a government building, it is always purposed with ascertaining feelings of patriotism in those who look upon it. The Danish flag is known to be the world’s oldest flag and has been in service for the longest historical period of time. Known as the Dannebrog, the Danish flag can be seen proudly on homes, offices and flagpoles across Denmark.

The history of the Dannebrog comes from a mythological legend. The story states that during a battle of Lyndanisse against the Estonians, on the 15th of June, 1219, the Dannebrog fell from the sky during battle and granted the Danish troops the will to keep fighting. The legend came to be common knowledge circa 1500 and convinced the populous, that Dannebrog actually fell from heaven. As the flag fell it floated down to the arms of the Danish archbishop, where an omnipresent voice from the ski told him to “raise this banner against all enemies, so that they yield to your might.” The battle was going poorly for the Danes, until the bishop prayed to the heavens and received the flag. Although no historical evidence supports this legend, it is still clear that the Danes have a great deal of pride and patriotism for their symbol of nationality.

The flag has changed in terms of size and proportions throughout the years, but it has continuously brandished the same design. The flag is simple; a red base with an uneven white cross. The horizontal stripe of the cross runs across the center of the design, while the vertical stripe runs down the left side of the flag. The white cross on the flag represents the religion of Christianity. All Nordic countries have adopted the cross design.

It is common to see the Danish flag in many different forms across Denmark; families fly small banners of the Dannebrog at birthday parties and even use the design on cakes. Banner makers are able to create the Danish flag in all shapes and sizes, and for all different types of purposes. If you are in the market for the Dannebrog, contact a local banner maker to see which type of flag is available for purchase. If you are looking for something specific, a banner maker is often able to custom design a flag.