The place that exhibits variance yet preserves its independence…well that’s America of course! And what better site to present the very essence of America than at the world fair. It’s where people can experience pride in their home country while celebrating a mean that brings it all together. The world fair is “an international exhibition of the industrial, scientific, technological, and artistic achievements of the participating nations.” –Google

It astounds beyond belief and some of the most ingrained aspects of American culture made their debut at the world fair(s). Particularly, the [Gates] to the 1964 World Fair opened for the first time in New York; where nearly 52 million people were graced with the ambitions of the future. Moon colonies, video-conferencing and underwater hotels were just a few illustrations making their big appearance that have influenced living today.

Are you a fan of FaceTime or Skype? Well the Bell System Pavilion presented its company’s Picturephones at the fair; and this piece of technology simply stole the show. Taking precedence in the business arena, recreation or just for personal use, video-conferencing has taken off with popularity among people at present day!

Sure, those Dodge brother commercials have been pretty prim lately (did you catch the one featured during the Super Bowl), but guess who made its debut at the 1964 World Fair with a force? Maybe you picked The Ford Mustang. That’s the one! This auto captured the crowd, with its makers selling four times its projection in the first year—a whopping 400,000. Having nine million sold to date since its initial presentation, Mustang has made it to the list of best-selling automobiles in American history.

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(With special mention to the History Network and Lyons Press)

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