Why are Flags so Important?

Flags represent more than just a tangible symbol of a nation. They depict the cultural nuisances of a society: it’s history and nationalism. Flags can also have softer, more jovial depictions of dedication to a sports team, or they can act as homage to fallen veterans. No matter what form a flag comes in, it is an important representation of interests, hobbies, pride, and affiliation.

Any given citizen of a country can recognize their national flag, even if they cannot recall it’s meaning as a symbol. These woven signs are integral to maintaining a national identity. You can find a county’s flag being proudly displayed at a national celebration, sporting event, or flown respectfully as a sign of mourning.

Flags and banners are also important vessels of expression. If you have pride in a country, team, or organization, flags can be flown from windows or poles to show others your allegiance and affiliation. In America, it is common to find most homes adorned with the famous American flag, but it is also acceptable to fly the flag of a country that a citizen has immigrated from. Flags and banners can also be found at sporting events. Many fans of soccer teams fly flags and banners at events to show support to their favored squad.

Flags and banners can also be used as a symbol of protest. A person can summarize their political affiliation and agenda with a flag or banner, and can display it at a march, rally, or even a protest. In many countries national flags are burned as a sign of contestation of foreign policies and acts of aggression. Citizens can protests against bodies of government in a country and attempt to sway others with flags.

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