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Vinyl banners and custom Vinyl banner printing since 1870. If you are looking for Vinyl Banner, we are your number 1 choice. Gates Flag & Banner Company, Inc. is the leading supplier of Vinyl Banner and custom Vinyl Banners printing since 1870. We specialize in Vinyl Banner. We are Banner Makers.

With our custom indoor and outdoor banner, all you need to do is give us your message and we’ll do the rest. When you want to make a statement, sell a product or just send a message, our vinyl banner are the answer. Both indoor and outdoor banners are an affordable way for businesses, communities, or organizations to send a message. Our indoor vinyl banners, outdoor vinyl banners, temporary or extended use vinyl banner signs, and custom printed banners are versatile in their many uses. Each vinyl banner is designed specifically to deliver durable eye-catching images. Call us at 1-800-US-4-1776 and ask us about your vinyl banner making needs. We can help you meet your custom banner needs!

What is a Vinyl Banner?

We sell flags and banners in different styles. One of the things you must think about when shopping with us is what sort of material you would like your flag to be made from. Traditionally, flags were sown by hand with cloth, but today technology has changed. Materials and printing technology/supplies have grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and that is how we are able to offer our customers vinyl banners. These types of banners are made with different materials, so it has its own special perks.

One of the most common materials used in creating these flags and banners is PVC (a heavy-weight vinyl). Different sizes, ranging from 9 oz. per square yard to 22 oz. per square yard, are used when creating these flags. The final products are made with large form inkjet printers. Prints range in size and can be big enough to print building-sized banners. In fact, the large printers print on a specialized material made of mesh, so that wind can pass through. These are banners you’d find affixed to the side of a building.

The inks used when digital printing vinyl banners range from aqueous, solvent-based, eco-solvent, or UV-curable. One benefit of using vinyl is these inks. UV-curable ink is especially good at withstanding the heat and radiation from the sun all day. Banners and flags made from cloth materials with not last long in these conditions, whereas vinyl will. The normal lifespan of a vinyl outside banner is 3-5 years. That’s really good considering how harsh Mother Nature can be.

Considering that this is a digital process, creating custom work has never been easier. You can simply upload images to a computer program that will turn it into a printable banner. The level of accuracy that comes with digital printing is by far the best way to get an image exactly right.

These banners can also be made quickly. The process of uploading artwork is streamlined with the digital components, and printers can print at high capacities. This means that you will get you banned quicker. A vinyl banner can be made in less time, so it can be shipped out to you sooner.

There are some drawbacks with vinyl banners, as there are with most thing, so you should know your other options before rushing to any decisions. If you need a great flag to hang outside then consider a vinyl banner.

Vinyl Banners for Business

In order for a business to be successful in New York or New Jersey, it needs to be properly advertised. Not every business has the capital to run multi-million dollar television advertisements, but there are other creative mediums that can help to attract customers to a business. One of the more economically appealing methods of advertisements is vinyl banner.

Vinyl banners look incredible and are a perfect way to advertise to consumers. These signs are durable, weatherproof, high quality, and inexpensive to produce. One of the main benefits of vinyl is the ability to print vivid colors and graphics, without distortion.

These banners are also very durable and can be displayed outside for a long period of time. If you live in a windy area, small holes can be added to the sign to help reduce the surface area of strong wind gusts. Due to the nature of the material, vinyl signs also stay vibrant and fresh for a long period of time.

If you want to have a sign designed, contact a local vinyl banner maker in New Jersey for more information. Vinyl banner makers are the best resources for learning more about banners, and how to properly advertise your business.

Vinyl banners are all around us every day and are one of the cheapest and effective forms of advertisement one can come across in the real world. Vinyl banners are printed on weather-proof material which can last years in the outdoors with little to no damage from the weather. The ink that is used on the vinyl banners is also weather-proof and will last just as long as the vinyl it is printed on.

Custom Vinyl Banner

  • 84x33″ Vinyl Banner w/ Retractable Stand
  • 84x47″ Vinyl Banner w/ Retractable Stand

Vinyl Banners for Personal use

Now you don’t have to be a business owner to have some use for a custom vinyl banner. Have friends or family flown in to spend a special occasion at your home? Make your guests feel more at home with a customized vinyl banner – greeting them when they walk into your home. These banners can set anyone in a comfortable mood.

Vinyl lettered banners are one of the least expensive methods of banner making.

When you want to make a strong statement, vinyl lettered banners are the answer. Vinyl banners are an especially inexpensive way for any business, community, organization or group to promote information. Indoor and outdoor vinyl banners, temporary or extended use vinyl banners and custom printed vinyl banners are versatile in their many uses. Each vinyl banner, big or small, is designed specifically to deliver durable eye-catching images for indoor or outdoor use.

Whether you plan to design a custom vinyl banner for an upcoming trade show, a surprise birthday banner for a family member, a grand opening banner for your new store, or any other custom event banner, the possibilities are endless. If you need Custom Vinyl Banners, contact us.