USA Flag Etiquette

The American flag is a historical icon that stands as a landmark of The United States’ identity as a strong and proud nation. Many U.S banner makers are proud to manufacture the American flag, but in order to do so banner makers must to follow strict codes. There is a firm USA flag etiquette that mandates how the flag should be manufactured, displayed, and even disposed of. Those who choose to display the American Flag must take on the responsibility of honoring this etiquette in order to display it in the proper fashion. This article will provide facts on how the flag should be made, displayed, and disposed of:

Manufacturing the flag

The flag of the United States should always have thirteen horizontal stripes that alternate red and white. The union of the flag should hold fifty white stars in a blue field.

Displaying the Flag

Universal flag code dictates that the U.S. flag can be displayed from sunrise to sunset when outside. If thoroughly illuminated, flags can be displayed for 24-hour periods. When the weather is bad, the U.S flag should not be displayed unless it is considered an “all-weather flag”.

If a flag is displayed with another flag on the same pole it must be flown higher than any other flag or banner.

If the flag is displayed vertically on a wall, window, or door, the union (stars) should hang towards the viewer’s left.

If the flag is on a pole it should be hoisted quickly when being raised, and should be lowered in ceremonial fashion.

If a flag is to be displayed on an automobile or vehicle, it should be affixed firmly to the chassis.

In days of remembrance, all American Flags should be displayed at half-staff.

Disposal of U.S. Flags

When the flag is too degraded to fly, it should be destroyed in a dignified, respectful fashion. The most preferable way to dispose of a flag is to burn it. To respectfully burn the flag, you must fold it in a traditional triangle fold. Once you begin to burn the flag, salute it, and to say the pledge of allegiance. Make sure that the fire is thoroughly put out after this ceremony.

If you do not have the means to burn a flag, you can alternatively bury the flag. Find a dignified wooden box and an appropriate burial location.