Tear Drop Banners

Teardrop Banners (also known as Flying Banners) are great for indoor and outdoor use and are available in a range of sizes.
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Our Teardrop Flags or Teardrop Banners work perfectly indoors or outdoors. The bow at the top of the flag allows the flag to be read even without wind. Equipped with a scissor stand or ground stake, the Teardrop Banner securely stands upright while the flag turns with the wind.
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Teardrop Banner For Indoor and Outdoor Event Advertising
The Teardrop Banner is similar to the Flag Pole, Bow Banner, Flag Banner, and Spinning Dart Banner in its ability to effectively brand and gain attention.

The Teardrop Banner has also been called the Flying Banner, Flex Banner, Blade Banner and Feather Banner. It is an innovative “element-defying” outdoor banner that ensures that your image is always visible, from any viewable direction, for your target market to see, in conditions that other advertising cannot stand up to.

The use of Teardrop ensures that your image is always seen, from any direction that is viewable, for your specific target market to appreciate. These outdoor banners are innovative, truly “element-defying” and these flying banners are high impact and utilize sublimated printing, which offers brilliant, vivid branding opportunities with single and double-sided options.

These flying displays are constructed to withstand moderate weather, yet are equally great indoors. Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble, each teardrop banner sets up and breaks down in a matter of minutes. Ideal for on-the-go advertising, these outdoor event fixtures also fold up neatly into their own included carrying bags for travel. Use this teardrop banner at your next event to promote your products with an eye-catching, flying design. Your booth will stand out among the crowd of other vendors with any of the products shown here.

Teardrop Banners are great marketing tools for in-store, outdoor or indoor use and are manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet any advertising need. They can be used with any of a number of mounting options including hard surface stands, ground stakes, walls mounts, and car tire mounts. Teardrop Banners are also available as Backpack Teardrop Banners.

These Teardrops are not to be confused with the hundreds of knock-off products that have flooded the market. These are the originals, are the finest quality available, and because of that, they come with the best warranty available.