Should New Jersey Change Their State Flag?

2014 was a momentous year for the state of New Jersey. This particular year marked the state’s 350th anniversary, which is a milestone that not many other states can lay claim to. New Jersey has a rich and vibrant history that ranges from colonialism to superb musical talents. Although New Jersey is a proud state that is famous for many wonderful things, its residents are currently dissatisfied with the design of the state flag. There have been many debates that center around the idea of changing the design of the New Jersey State Flag.

The State flag of New Jersey is represented by a coat of arms, which bears a shield with three plows, a forward facing helmet, a horse’s head, and the female goddesses liberty and Ceres. The three plows represent the states agricultural tradition, and the two goddesses represent the state’s logo of liberty and prosperity.

The New Jersey Flag was created in 1896, and features the state seal on a plain, yellow background. When legislation adopted this flag, it was used as symbol of power, a sign that marked the governor as the commander of the state’s militia. The purpose of the state flag has shifted significantly since that time. Now, the flag is used as a brand that represents pride. New Jersey is a state that receives plethora of bad press, so a vibrant and respected flag could act as a rejuvenating ego boost for the famous state.

The main issue with the New Jersey State flag is that is not easily distinguished from other flags. Many agree that the flag violates the established notions of a good flag design as the design is not simple enough for a child to draw, there are no meaningful symbols, there are more than 2-3 basic colors, and bears no lettering or seals.

There are many flag and banner makers who have submitted custom designs for what the new flag should look like. Some prototypes have added more color to the original design, while others have changed the logo completely. Graphic designers have also submitted their ideas as to what the flag should represent.

If you are interested in learning more about flags and banners, it is best to contact a local banner maker for addition information. Flag and Banner makers are well versed on the different types of state flags and can help to answer any remaining questions that you may have on the topic.