Processional Banners and Gonfalons

Most people have either seen or participated in some sort of procession in their life. There are times to march in procession, and usually the reason is a celebration of some sort. Processions are also used to commemorate as well. Below you will find common places to find processions, as well as ways to make processions special.

Graduation: One of the most common places you will see a procession is at a graduation. This ranges from preschool to college graduation. The procession allows for the students to march proudly while showing off their accomplishment. Usually, preschool graduations are held at the actual school, so the march is usually very short. For larger universities and colleges, ones that graduate a few thousand students at a time, processions usually go throughout all of or some parts of campus. Sometimes students will walk through academic buildings as well during this procession.

Military: Historically, the Roman Empire would have victory processions when they concurred new lands. They spent a good deal of time and energy taking over cities and states, and so these processions were not uncommon. In modern times, the U.S army uses procession to celebrate victories, as well as commemorating former soldiers and wars. The military has special ways to march, such as how they hold their guns, the way they walk, and the way they swing their arms. Military processions are a sight to see.

Sporting Events: Many large sporting events also have processions. The most noticeable one would be during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Each time an Olympic games is held, different opening ceremonies are created, but there is something that is consistent for all of them. Each of the participants marches out with their country during this event. It is literally a world procession.

Funeral: On a more somber note, funerals usual have processions. This sort of procession is meant to commemorate the person who has passed. Certain famous people will have a car procession, such as Princess Diana or Michael Jackson, but usually processions are done on foot.

One of the best ways to make a special statement with a procession is with custom flags or gonfalons. Professional banner makers can help make specific flags for any sort of procession. Another thing to think about is music that can be played, as well as matching outfits or uniforms.