Patriotic Options for Flags

Owning and displaying an American flag is one of the most patriotic things a person can do, but if a person doesn’t treat the flag properly, meaning with respect and care, then it could be rather disrespectful. The United States flag is not the only flag that you can fly that shows support to your county. Not all the same rules apply to flags that aren’t the United States flag, but they still must be treated with respect and care. Below we will be going over some different options for patriotic flags.

First, and maybe foremost, you should consider your state flag. A state flag is very unique to the region of the United States it is in. This means that colors and designs are completely different from state to state. They are usually influenced by local histories. Modern state flags can be dated back to the World’s Fair in Chicago, Illinois (1893).

For those living in states that have seen military action, you may want to consider a flag that commemorates an event, battle, or war. For instance, you can acquire the “Come and Take it” flag that was flown before the Battle of Gonzales. The battle took place on October 2nd, 1835, and the battle was fought near Gonzales, Texas. You could also get an Alamo flag as well.

The black POW/MIA (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action) is another great patriotic flag. This flag is treated like the United States flag, meaning that it and the U.S. flag are the only ones to be consistently flown at the White House and Capital Building. By flying this flag, you are celebrating and thanking those who are either missing or in a military prison overseas.

You can honor different branches of active military by flying flags for each individual branch. This includes the Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Navy. Normally, people fly these flags when a family member or someone close is an active member of one of these units.

There are options for veterans of the military and veterans of wars.

There are many options when it comes to patriotic flags, and it is encouraged that you find the ones that speak to you. It is important to remember one thing when handling these flags. Whether it’s a flag to commemorate the Whiskey Rebellion or the Revolutionary War, make sure you handle, display, and store with care.