Nylon & Polyester Banners

There are many different types of materials used to make banners. A banner maker will look to use something that is durable, weather resistant, and can be printed upon. Two of the more popular materials used for banners are Nylon and Polyester. Both are excellent materials that have different pros and cons. To figure out which material is most suitable for your desired application, read the article below:

Nylon Banners:

Nylon is an extremely strong, synthetic material that can make great flags and banners for sporting events, exhibitions, trade shows, displays, and promotional signs. It has very good elasticity and can be stretched up to 100% of its length and still revert back to it’s original shape. As a result of its excellent elasticity, it can be crushed, crumpled, or covered for long periods of time without losing its original structure or form. Nylon does not provide any natural source of food to microorganisms, which enables the material to be mildew resistant, making nylon an excellent material to be placed outside over a long period of time. If the nylon does happen to get dirty, it is very easily cleaned, and responds well to professional cleaning treatments.

Nylon is colored through acid dies, which leads to problems with bleaching, and fading.

Polyester Banners:

Polyester is a durable material that is relatively inexpensive to produce. It is extremely stain resistant, has a low absorbency, and is able to dry quickly. They are also designed not to edge fray, tear, or curl along the edges. Some Polyester banners even have the ability to be printed upon. This means that photo-realistic images can be printed on the banner to provided a more appealing look. They are an excellent alternative to traditional banners when you are in the need for an eye-catching, beautifully aesthetic way to display a sign indoors. Polyester banners are also lightweight, easy to transport, and come in a wide array of vibrant colors. They can be used for a plethora of activities ranging from; indoor events, short term outdoor events, trade shows, church gatherings, sporting displays, and so much more.

Polyester is not resistant to oily stains, and left without proper treatment, the stain can oxidize and become chemically bonded to the fiber. To limit occurrences, make sure that drinks, liquids, and oily food products are within a secure distance from your banner