National Flags Change with Time

A nation’s flag is very important to the identity of the country and the people living inside of it.
Traditionally, flags were used during wars/battles; this was done so that each side could easily distinguish each other. As time went by, flags became a symbol of national pride and didn’t have very much association with fighting. Flags now represent the pros and cons of a particular nation. People usually look at country flags with admiration for a person and nation. You can find many individuals who fly national flags on or in front of their homes. This is definitely the case in the United States, Denmark, and Puerto Rico. What most people don’t take into consideration is that there is a good deal of national flags that have been altered and changed throughout history. The rest of this article will be devoted to talking about the histories of some changed flags.

One of the newest changed flags is the flag of Malawi, which is a country in Africa. Traditionally, their flag (from bottom to top) was green, red, and black. Each stripe was the same size and length. In the black section at the top of the flag there was a red sun, which was supposed to represent a rising sun. The flag was created in 1964 when the country got its independence. In 2010, the people of Malawi decided they should change the flag. The new flag kept the same color stripes; however, now the order of colors is green, black, and red (from bottom to top). Also, instead of having a red rising sun, the flag now has a full white sun directly in the middle. Former President, Bingu Wa Muutharika argued that the old flag with the rising sun, symbolized that the country has not yet fully developed. The change was made so that the flag could better represent a free and established nation.

The United States flag has also undergone many changes in its history. The concept of the white and red stripes has withstood the test of time; however, as a growing nation, the USA had to continually change the amount of stars on the flag. Usually, states were added one by one, causing many re-drafts of the flag we see and use today. When there were 24 states in the union, the stars in the blue sections were designed to look like a large upside-down star. As the nation grew, the flag changed to better represent the land and its people.

There is a lot of history behind most national flags, and this includes nations that haven’t been around for a long period of time. When buying a flag from a top-quality banner make don’t just think about the beautiful flag you are getting, think about its history.