Making a Custom Flag

If you have an interest or passion that you would like to display proudly, a custom flag would be the perfect addition to your life. Custom flags are the ultimate medium for displaying what makes you happy in life. Before you hire a flag or banner maker to design your flag, there are different criteria to consider.

When designing a custom flag, you will always want to take into account the main environment that the flag will be used in. If a flag is to be brandished outdoors, then it will have to be made with a fabric that will endure the elements and the seasons. Nylon and polyester are two durable materials that flag and banner makers prefer to use as both materials dry quickly, and resist mold growth. Conversely, if you are using your flag inside, you will have larger selections of materials to choose from. Flags that hang inside are often referred to as banners or tapestries because they remain stagnant on the wall, instead of blowing in the breeze.

Different types of fabric are easier to print on, and the fabric that you choose will mandate the type of design that can be added to the flag. For example, stretchy and thin fabrics are more difficult to sew and only certain fabrics can be printed upon. It is important that you choose the appropriate fabric for a given design.

The next thing that you want to consider is the size of the flag. Most flags that fly on boats and yachts are no larger than 16 by 24 inches. If you want to fly your flag on a pole outside, there are many different online sizing charts to consult that will tell you the appropriate flag size for the pole.

Next, you have to determine whether your flag will be single-sided, single reverse, or double sided. Most flags that hang outside are double sided. Double-sided flags are the most durable form of flag and have the sharpest appearance on both sides.

After you have selected a fabric, size, and side type, the next step is to create your design. Make sure that the specifications of your design agree with the size and fabric of the flag.

If you have more questions about custom flags or banners, it is best to contact a local flag and banner maker in the area for more information.