Knowing Where Flags Come From

There are so many objects that the average human sees on a regular basis. Whether you are driving to work, or taking a walk, you can spot a flag no matter where you are. They are symbols of patriotism, individual expression, and loyalty. Have you ever stopped to think about their history? Why are flags are so popular, where did they originate, and how have they changed from their ancient predecessors?

It has been proven that flags have been used for over 4,000 years. Ranging in all different types of materials and styles, flags have been a part of civilization for a very long time. The first type of flag was known as a vexiloid. The world vexiloid has a Latin root which means guide, and the flags were often wooden poles that were engraved with carvings at the very top. Colorful pieces of fabric were added to the vexilloid to improve aesthetics, and they started to mimic the modern day flag that we are familiar with today.

From the beginning, the flag was purposed to serve as a signal, symbol, or decoration. Many flags were used to transmit information. For instance, during the Middle Ages, knights would carry flags into battle to help signify what side they were on. Flags in this period could also transmit the message of truce, retreat, or aggression.
As time went on, flags continued to be symbols for larger meanings. Governments adopted national flags to represent a greater whole. When words could not be used, flags picked up the slack. For instance, in the nautical theater flags are used to symbolize distress, quarantine, allegiance, and over all status.
Now there are so many customized flags and banners that represent a myriad of different ideologies, interests, and hobbies. For instance, you can have a simple flag of a dog to signify your interest in that specific animal, or you can fly a prisoner of war flag in honor of those who were taken in battle.

In the past, flags were hand made by sewing fabric together and embroidering material. Today, flags and banners can be custom made by machines, and are printed. The flags are usually mass-produced on long rolls of fabric and are cut to make separate flags. Flags can be custom made to bear any image or logo and are great additions to a home or business. Get a great flag today.