Installing a Flagpole

So, you just left your local flag and banner maker with a custom made flag. The next step is to proudly display this new flag on a properly installed flagpole. When you are installing a new flagpole, there are a few things that should be avoided, in order to have the best display and the most successful project.

One of the worst mistakes you can make when installing a new flagpole is to put in in a place where it will become a burden or eyesore. Avoid areas where the pole can come into contact with lawn mowers, bikes, cars, or any objects that can mistakenly hit it. Also avoid power lines and overhead objects that can obstruct the flag or banner. When you are digging your hole, ensure that there are no pipes, gas supply lines, or additional buried infrastructure that will be damaged by a shovel.

After you have selected a perfect location, it is time to start digging a hole for the base of the flagpole. You should always dig a hole four times larger than the diameter of the flagpole. The hole should also be deep enough, where the flagpole ground sleeve is flush with the surface of the hole.

To secure the pole in the ground, use regular drying cement. Make sure that the cement in the hole doesn’t overflow onto the surface of the ground and ensure that the cement is level before placing the sleeve.
If you have more questions, contact local banner maker for more tips and tricks!