How to display a State Flag

In the United States, state sovereignty instills a large amount of state pride. Residents in a specific state often back the appropriate sports teams and public figures that hail from the same area. Those who have a large amount of pride for their hometown often display a state flag as a sign of appreciation.
Displaying a state flag carries the same protocol as flying the United States flag. Whenever a state flag is shown, it is has to be treated with respect and a position of honor.

Certain protocol must be followed when displaying a state flag. When flying flags in positions of honor, state flags are always displayed third to the right of the U.S. national flag. When a state flag is displayed on the same pole as the U.S national flag, the state flag should always be flown below the U.S flag. Additionally the flag can be of equal size, but never bigger than the national flag.
If you are displaying a state flag at an assembly, make sure that the state flag is always to the audience’s right of the U.S flag. If there is no U.S flag present, the state flag can be flown on either side of a podium. During a procession or funeral, the state flag should also be on the observers right of the U.S flag.

If you are displaying the flags with other nations, fly the state flag to the right of all other national flags. Essentially, a state flag should never precede a national flag in height, or in alignment. When state flags are shown together, they must be displayed in the order of the state’s ratification or in alphabetical order. Some states have more stringent flag etiquette. For example, Texas views its flag as a very important representative of the lone star state. The Texas flag should never be flown earlier than sunrise, nor later than sunset. Also, the rules require the flag to be taken down in inclement weather. It is illegal to place advertising on the flag or flagstaff, and when the flag is no longer in a condition to fly, ceremonial burning must destroy it.

If you are interested in purchasing a state flag, it is imperative to know the correct way to fly it. For more information, consult with a flag or banner maker on proper flag code and etiquette.