Getting the Right Flagpole For Your Property

When considering the purchase of a new flagpole for your property, you should always consider these basic questions:

  • What type of flagpole am I looking for?
  • How high do I want to fly my flag?
  • What is the budget I have to spend on a display pole?

There are many flag and banner makers who make items that are only worthy to fly on a beautiful pole. It is extremely important to find the perfect pole, to proudly display your flag.

Different types of Flag Poles

Sectional Flagpoles: Sectional Flag Poles are designed with one piece of tubing that is curtailed to fit inside of another piece of tube. They are typically manufactured out of painted steel and anodized aluminum, which both have the problem of wearing and weakening at the joints. These are one of the weaker options for flags poles and cannot support large, heavy tapestries. For the budget shopper, these poles are the least expensive and usually range in costs from 50 to 150 dollars. They can reach up to 20ft in height and typically only last 3 to 5 years.

Telescoping Flagpoles: Telescoping flagpoles are made from various sized tubes that are designed to slip into each other, similar to the design of the classic telescope. The sections increase in size, and lock into place when raised. Due to this tapered designed, this flagpole has a sturdy strength to height ratio. These poles are also designed without the need for a rope to raise or lower the flag or banner. Telescopic poles are a much more expensive type of display pole that can range in price from 100 to 350 dollars and can last 10 to 30 years with nominal maintenance.

Commercial Flagpoles: Commercial Flagpoles are the toughest of all the varying flagpole types. They are manufactured out of one single piece of metal tube and have a sturdy wall thickness and diameter height ratio. With commercial poles, the flag is raised by a pulley system that has an internal and external rope mechanism. These flagpoles are often found at businesses, or places in which national flags are flown and displayed correctly.

When looking for a correct flagpole, it is always best to contact a flag and banner maker. Professional flag and banner makers know which type of pole is necessary for a certain flag or banner.