When you think of the Gates Flag and Banner Company, we hope a few things come to mind; quality, pride and patriotism.  In business since 1870, we have proven time and time again, our passion for ensuring that our flags and flagpoles exceed the standards of our customers and represent the quality of American-made products.  Over the years, our flags and poles have been a part of some truly remarkable events, and withstood even the harshest of environments.


Some of you who are local to NJ, may remember the terrible fire on Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne in 2003.  The photograph above was taken during the blaze, and as you can see, standing tall through the flames is a Gates Flag and Flagpole.  This photo is a great representation of the strength of our flag and our passion for quality.

The photo above inspired this poem:

What a sight to see, unbelievable in all its glory.
Burning flames spreading fright,
Setting ablaze the pitch black night.

When all else seemed burned, crushed and defeated…
Without fail, a glimmer of hope succeeded

Through all the pain, smoke and confusion,
Alas we were brought to a grand conclusion

There it was…standing, still.
Embodying the determination of America’s will!

Thanks to all of our customers who believe in the quality and pride of Gates Flag and Banner Co., Inc.  We look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality of flags and poles over the next 150 years!

For more information on the 2003 fire, see the information below:

(Wayne-AP) -- A Fire in a Gas Main Forces Evacuations and Closes a Bridge in Wayne.

It started with a transformer explosion at about nine p-m at the intersection of Hamburg Turnpike and Valley Road. The explosion brought down a power line that ignited a gas main. The fire spread to a brush area, forcing evacuations of 75 residents of an assisted-living facility. About 30 residents of the Wayne Valley Apartments and the residents of more than a dozen homes nearby also were evacuated. There was extensive damage to a bridge on Hamburg Turnpike over the Singac Brook. A spokesman for the Wayne Office of Emergency Management said the bridge would be closed this morning while engineers assess the damage (2003).


Co-Authors: Anna Ebersold and Qurra-tul-Ayn Saleem

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