Pole Sitter

Does anyone remember that American culture craze…Flagpole-sitting? What a bizarre way to spend the day! Actually, at a specific point in time this was the thing to do and whoever could do it…well, cool was an understatement. This act was very popular in the 1920s. No wonder they were roaring! America underwent great change during this era; very dynamic and rambunctious change. This was in response to a period engulfed by confusion and disorder, whereas creative activities were a source of tensional relief. The objective was simple: Climb atop the local neighborhood flagpole and sit there for the longest amount of time. Oddly enough, the amateur standard was set at ten days, ten hours, ten minutes, and ten seconds by fifteen-year-old Avon Foreman of Baltimore. The longest someone sat on a flagpole then was 21 days. This hobby became an inspiration to the nation, encouraging people to come together to view the challenge and celebrate the victors!

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While flagpole sitting may have gone out of style, you can still install a finial.

Better yet, grab a flag! That’s why we’re here.

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