Fiberglass and Aluminum Flagpoles

These pictures are just a few of the THOUSANDS of Flagpoles professionally installed by Gates Flag & Banner Company.

Flagpole Spacing

When installing a flagpole(s), the free area surrounding should be considered for the optimal fly zone of a flag. This is especially important to preserve the life of your flag where it doesn’t beat against other objects and cause damage. Now a general rule of thumb is to set poles apart about half the size of the pole. So if you have a 20’ flagpole, the next pole should be about 10 feet away from that. Interested in a more detailed method? Some factors for consideration are the size of the flag, the give of the halyard and the flex of the pole; keeping in mind when the flag will need to fly at half-staff. When flying a flag, the distance between poles will at least need to be the width of the flag on a pole—a 3x5’ for example, should at least be 5 feet away. With the other factors in mind, a third of the flag’s width can be tacked on to that measurement (just for safety) plus about 4 more inches for the halyard. Keep in mind there is no set standard for spacing, though these guidelines should bring great results for your flag’s fly zone.