Custom Flags and Banners

The Gates Flag and Banner Company, Inc’s sales staff has extensive experience in creating the perfect flag, banner or display for your needs.

Our art department will help design and create the layout for your space. We will work with you to select the correct material and process while staying within your budget.


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Art Requirements

  • Artwork must be 150 dpi at full size (300 dpi at half size) or vectored. All fonts should be converted to outlines. PMS colors should be specified as necessary. Accepted Formats are: .eps, .ai, and .pdf. If artwork is not available, our team will help create it at an additional charge.


  • (Use depends on your application in Industry, Organizations, Institutions, Colleges and Schools, Government and Municipality, as well as Residential use.)
  1. 100% Solar-Max Nylon for flags, banners, tear drop, feather, flutter and bow style flags; the most versatile option. It can be digitally printed or appliqued. 200 Denier Dupont Solar Max can be used with almost all techniques except Dye Sub—Dacron polyester would be used with this technique. Good for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Polyesters including Dacron, Poplin and Satin are commonly used for banners and table drapes or throws. This material consists of a large group of many different materials from indoor soft knit, heavy knit and satin to heavy duty outdoor, 1 Ply and 2 Ply Polyesters. 2 Ply Polyester is available in limited colors of White, Old Glory (OG) Red and OG Blue. *Polyester is a good option for background use to produce a heavy duty outdoor applique flag. Nylon color material is then available to be sewn on for lettering and logos. Digitally printed outdoor flags or dye-sublimated indoor banners produce great resolution. Best options can be discussed with our knowlegeable sales staff.
  3. Vinyls 13 and 15 oz single-sided for standard banners, 18 and 22 oz. double-sided blockout for long-lasting avenue banners and street banners.
  4. Mesh Open weave and heavy duty single-sided vinyl. Used for high wind applications on large format banners and fencing.
  5. Sunbrella and Marine Acrylic for double-sided avenue banners.

Digital Printing

In this method of printing, we can reproduce any piece of art, from simple text to a full color photograph to create the perfect banner or flag. The dyes penetrate the material, so your image can be seen from both front and back. We also use this method for vinyl banners. The process is very cost effective with quantity price breaks available.
Digital Print Pricing


Appliqué is a process where lettering and/or logo is sewn with pieces of material onto the flag or banner. On an outdoor flag, the image is sewn on both sides, reading correctly on the front and in reverse on the back. Banners are sewn on the front, and back-lined to hide any stitching. Flags can also be double-sided, with two flags sewn back to back and lined if necessary. The material used is 100% solar-max nylon for durability. *See Solar-Max Nylon Color Chart under Materials.


Embroidery is the most luxurious process in flag and banner production. The design is created, using small stitches, interwoven to create a detailed pattern or logo.  Embroidery can be done on nylon, rayon or twill. Embroidery is perfect for use on indoor and parade flags, college gonfalons and processional banners. It is not recommended for long term outdoor use.

Dye Sublimation

Similar to Digital Printing, Dye Sublimation can reproduce all images on many different types of polyester materials.  The process is perfect for high resolution photos, small detailed text, and can create a crisp, clear image.  Dye-Sublimation inks have excellent fade resistance and limited UV resistance. It can also be laundered and ironed without risk of fading or running, making this the perfect solution for banners and table drapes.


Screen-printing is a cost effective process for printing one to four colors on certain materials in quantity. Sunbrella avenue banners are typically screen-printed. The ink used is fade resistant and durable for long term outdoor use.