A Large Catalog Helps To Set A Banner Maker Apart From The Rest

When you think about flags, what comes to mind? Is it the United States’ 50 stars and red and white stripes? Is it another country’s flag that you also call your own? At Gates Flag and Banner, we house a selection of goods that is much more expansive than that. We are proud to have a large catalog of flags and banners for almost every occasion. We are a banner maker company that takes flags and banners seriously.


Our catalog includes:

Historical Flags: We sell the Betsy Ross original design for the American flag that has thirteen stars in a circle. We even sell the Bennington Flag that has a 76′ in the center of the stars. These flags add a touch of history to ones’ home. They look great hanging with the modern flags.

Celebrations Flags: Nothing helps to set a festive mood like banners and flags. We carry different flags for all four seasons, as well as a whole Christmas flag section. Do you want to announce a wedding anniversary or a newborn baby to the world? Why not do that with a flag?


Military Flags: You can help salute and honor our troops with flags for them. Our selection of military flags and banners includes products for each specific branch of the military. Whether it is the U.S Coast Guard, Army National Guard, U.S Marine Corp, or the U.S Navy, we have you covered. We even carry a wide selection of commemorative flags, such as Korean and Vietnam veterans’ flags.

States Flags: We also carry a full line of flags for different states throughout the U.S. These are a great way to show state pride.


We can even do custom flags. Additionally, we also sell everything needed to go with the flag(s). We sell different poles and pole toppers. We sell wall mounts and wall displays for flags. We want to be your banner maker. Take a moment to browse through our catalog and view some of the different flags. Many of our products come in different sizes, styles, and materials, so we’re sure we’ll have the perfect flag and banner for you. We look forward to doing business with you!