A Great Way To Advertise

Having teardrop banners is a great way for a business to advertise, and that is the case for multiple reasons. The design of teardrop banners allows for them to be placed almost anywhere with ease. Teardrop banners aren’t your typical rectangle banner that sits on top a large poll. Instead a teardrop banner runs along the length of the poll, allowing the poll to be shorter and lighter. The polls can easily be placed in dirt, sand, and snow. If you don’t have soft ground then you could always get a small stand for the banner to rest in.

At Gates Flag and Banner we take pride in the teardrop banners we make and sell, and so we work tirelessly to provide the highest-quality product possible. All of our teardrop banners are lightweight, easy to assemble (it takes only five minutes), and they rotate with the wind. We only use the highest quality raw material available, and those materials go through state of the art machinery. Gate Flags recognizes that raw materials and technology is important, but without a highly trained staff those two things mean nothing. Since 1870 we have been in the field of making flags and banners, and that has only been possible by hiring and training the best possible staff.

When you shop with Gates Flags, you are shopping with world-class flag and banner makers. We can make you totally customized banners in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Even if you don’t have artwork we can help you design an image that is perfect for you. If you give us a call today then we can help you figure out exactly what sort of flag you need and want. We look forward to doing business with you.