911-flag-1024The National 9/11 Flag

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack the U.S. has seen since World War II. On this Patriot Day, we must remember all those who lost their lives, and honor our fallen heroes.

Many flags have been created to commemorate all those lost to us on 9/11, but the National 9/11 flag has helped many to heal. This large flag found ripped and damaged at the site of the World Trade Center has been repaired by over 30,000 people in every state of our nation including threads from the original Star Spangled banner and Abraham Lincoln’s flag. We will Never Forget but this flag has helped bring America together and serves as a symbol of our strength as it hangs today at the 9/11 Museum and Memorial.

The flag has been stitched by soldiers and schoolchildren who survived the shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas, by World War II veterans on the deck of the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, by the family of Martin Luther King Jr., by 20 Members of Congress at the U.S. Capitol, and by thousands of everyday service heroes nationwide. On President Lincoln’s Birthday, a piece of the flag that Abraham Lincoln was laid on when he was shot at Ford’s Theater was stitched into the fabric of The National 9/11 Flag. In May 2011, The National 9/11 Flag was presented as the official flag for The Kentucky Derby and on September 11, 2011, the final restorative patches were sewn into The National 9/11 Flag by 1,067 tornado survivors in Joplin, Missouri.

-New York Says Thank You Foundation